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Cowlitz Black Bears 2015 Internship Program


The Cowlitz Black Bears provide a real world internship experience for students looking to enter the sports field. The Black Bears are currently accepting resumes for the upcoming  2015 season.  Students interested in an internship should email their resume to General Manager Jim Appleby at .

Who we are: The Cowlitz Black Bears are a professional style minor league baseball team in the West Coast League. The team is led by a group of civic-minded individuals with strong ties to the Cowlitz County region and to the game of baseball. The Cowlitz Black Bears strive to provide their fans, sponsors, business partners, and investors with the very best in competitive baseball and affordable family entertainment. This includes atmosphere, comfort, food & beverage, safety, fun, and value.

Who you are: You’re an enthusiastic and hard-working individual interested in entering or advancing yourself in the world of professional sports and/ or entertainment. You should have a love for entertainment, the game of baseball, and are looking  forward to learning about what goes on behind the scenes of a professionally run sports organization. You should thrive in a fast-paced environment; have good communication skills and an eagerness to learn.

What you will be doing: You will be having a blast.  Black Bears’ interns will be working with staff members in learning about and performing a variety of tasks in different disciplines, all intertwining to make the Black Bears’ organization function smoothly as a whole.   Most importantly, you will learn why and how we do the things we do.  Interns will have opportunities to gain experience in many of the following areas:

• Stadium and Game Operations
• Marketing
• Ticket Sales & Service
• Corporate Sales & Service
• Merchandise/Retail Operations
• Media Relations
• Ticket Operations

Stadium and Game Operations 

Learn first-hand exactly what it takes to open a stadium to 1,000-1,500  of your closest friends each night, manage a staff of 20-25 people, put on a stage-quality show and make sure everyone goes home happy, safe and ready to do it again the next night. Areas of focus will include training in scripting, personnel management, set-up and break-down, crowd control, and problem resolution. Creativity is a must with this area of the internship - and one will learn how all the pieces come together to create a memorable experience for fans.

The focus of this portion of the internship will be on our marketing efforts and how to build marketing campaigns that 1) engage fans 2) create a forum for team-fan interaction and 3) drive measurable sales. There is also a premium here on creativity and fun. Tools that will be used in this process include print, radio and television, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other new and interactive mediums.  Our marketing program inclueds an early season, in-house seminar to put our on-field efforts in context.

Ticket Sales & Service
Ticket sales are the core of a successful sports organization. Full stadiums drive other revenue streams that allow a team to be successful. It is also the best way to get a job in professional sports, and often the most secure of positions within a club. You will work with our ticket sales and service manager to learn how to proactively manage the sales and service process. Skill development areas include: prospecting, database management, pro-active selling, servicing and follow up of Black Bears fans. There will be particular attention to the group sales process, as well as preparations for the renewal of season tickets.

Corporate Sales & Service
Corporate partners are an essential piece of the revenue puzzle. The Black Bears draw fans from the entire population of Cowlitz County, and we work very closely with local, regional and national businesses to help them tailor their messaging to most effectively reach our fans. You will spend time with the director of corporate marketing, learning how to effectively create and maintain relationships that drive this piece of the business. You will also manage in-stadium fulfillment, ensuring that our partners receive greater than what they anticipated.

Merchandise/ Retail Operations
The Black Bears have developed one of the most dynamic brands in the Northwest. Retail merchandise and souvenirs is an important tool that allows our brand to be shared with our fans and visitors to our community. With this aspect of the internship, you will learn how to manage this piece of the business that represents roughly 15% of total revenue. You will gain exposure to retail marketing, inventory management, accounting, and customer service.

Media Relations
The relationship of the team and the local and regional media is an important one. Information may include feature stories, statistics, game updates, and press releases. This segment of the internship will also be primarily responsible for the online game notes and stories content. We will also spend time cultivating local media relationships, and work closely with the team's play-by-play broadcaster to create and execute the team's broadcasts.

Ticket Operations
The Black Bears use an integrated ticketing system that allows us to know what to expect when we open the park. Interns will learn how tickets are sold and managed, and how the data from ticket operations helps guide the marketing efforts for single-game ticket sales. The box office at the stadium is the first place that we can offer phenomenal customer service. This "back of the house" function is essential to the success of many pieces of the business, including ticket sales, food and beverage, and stadium operations.
Cowlitz Black Bears Internship FAQ:

• Q:  When are interns selected?
• A:    We have a rolling selection process, and accept applications beginning March 1.   As a practical matter, most of our intern positiosn are filled by the end of April.

• Q:  Do I have to be able to earn school credit for the internship?
• A:    It is preferred that you be able to receive school credit and/ or have the experience be applicable towards your future.

• Q:  Will I be able to get another part-time job?
• A:    If you desire, you will have enough time to work a part-time job in addition to the internship. Please communicate with the team if you will need another job – we might be able to help locate a position for you (no guarantees, but we’ll try!)

• Q:  When do I have to be in Longview/ Kelso?
• A:  We expect you to be in Longview/ Kelso no later than May 20 and will be expected to stay through August 18.

• Q:  Is housing provided?
• A:   No, Housing is not provided.

• Q:  Will I be responsible for my own travel to Longview/ Kelso?
• A:  Yes, if you do not live in Longview/ Kelso, you are responsible to travel here.

• Q:  Will I receive training?
• A:   The purpose of the internship is educational.   You will receive training that includes an in-house marketing seminar and significant writing opportunities and customer interaction, all intended to further your understanding the business of baseball and family entertainment.

*If you have additional questions please email General Manager, Jim Appleby at .